Hairevolution was born from humble beginnings, created by a group of passionate hair professionals who sought to bring to life a product line that would meet the needs of their diverse clientele.  Hairevolution seeks to make a personal impact on the hair professionals, they wholeheartedly believe a personal impact will pass a positive experience to their own clients.  At Hairevolution the motivation is to provide clients with quality products, that are cost effective, and environmentally conscious.

It is our passion to produce the highest quality products for professional hair care. Although producing products is a major aspect of who we are our vision is much greater. Hairevolution seeks to assist in the evolution that is consistently taking place in the world of professional beauty. Education is a key component of who we are. We are committed to assisting professionals in our industry as they evolve throughout their careers. Our theory is that proper education allows individuals to evolve to their full potential. We invite you to immerse yourself in the evolution.


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